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How To Use

The simple steps to get that Polished Whitening smile!

Polished Teeth Whitening Strips

You will receive a user guide inside the box on how to use the product , but here is a quick guide to the simple process to achieve that Polished Whitening irresistible smile:

  1. Tear open the foil packet to reveal two Polished whitening strips, one long straight strip for your upper teeth and one smaller shaped strip for the lower teeth.
  2. Apply the whitening strips to clean teeth , place the smaller shaped strip first and then apply the upper strip tucking away remaining strip behind your teeth
  3. Once in place then keep the strips on for 30 minutes , please avoid eating or drinking.
  4. Once you have reached 30 minutes then peel the strips away from your teeth and discard.
  5. Whitening gel maybe left on your teeth , please rinse your mouth or brush your teeth using the Polished Whitening powder to clean your teeth and mouth area.
  6. Then check in a mirror to reveal that Polished Whitening irresistible smile and send us your pics using the hashtag #polishedwhitening .

Polished Teeth Whitening Powder

  1. Open the pot of amazing Polished Teeth Whitening Powder
  2. Dampen your bristles on your toothbrush
  3. Dab your toothbrush into the Polished Teeth Whitening Powder covering all bristles.
  4. Next now go ahead and brush your teeth for the regular 2 minute cycle , avoiding gums.
  5. After the 2 minute brushing cycle, please rinse your mouth to find your amazing new irresistible whiter smile.
  6. For best results use an electronic toothbrush and also floss in between your teeth before use.