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Frequently asked questions

What are Polished Teeth Whitening Strips?

Polished Teeth Whitening Strips are a non-peroxide teeth-whitening product that if you follow our process, will get your teeth looking irresistibly whiter in 14 days.

Are the whitening strips safe to use?

Yes, the whitening strips are fully tested and compliant with EU cosmetic laws.

How long does the whitening process take?

The whitening strips should be used daily for 30 minutes for the 2 week or 4 week course, to get the best results then extend the look by purchasing the 6 week course.

The resting period ?

If you purchase the 4 week or 6 week course , then it is advised that you have a resting period from the whitening process for 1 week, this is to let your teeth rest , so for the 4 week course , 2 weeks on – 1 week rest – 2 weeks on , course finished. For the 6 week course 2 weeks on – 1 week rest – 2 weeks on and then repeat pattern for remainder of the course.

Are the strips ok to sleep with?

Our advice is not to sleep with the whitening strips on , it takes only 30 minutes so pick your time when it suits.

Can I eat or drink whilst in the whitening process?

Please refrain from eating or drinking while in the whitening process and also only drink water till one hour after this stage, this will give your teeth time to rest.

People with really sensitive teeth, are the strips suitable for me?

We understand that people do have sensitive teeth, some more than others, our product is made using a non peroxide formula, the whitening gel is proven to removes stains without leaving your teeth feeling any sensitivity, but if the small percentage of this situation happening then please remove the strips and wash away any remaining whitening gel from your teeth and mouth.

How long will it take to see results?

You will start seeing results after the initial first few days of using the whitening strips. The whitening of your teeth is a gradual process, but after 2 weeks you will notice a difference of at least three shades, if you wanted to extend the look then our advice is to order the 4 week or 6 week course.

I am a smoker and like to drink tea or coffee on a regular basis will that affect the look I should get?

No the whitening strips will still work amazingly well, but if you wanted to improve your results then try and reduce in your lifestyle choices accordingly.

Is there an age limit on using the whitening strips?

Our product is absolutely safe, but we do advise that people over the age of sixteen should only use this product.

Is this product safe to use when pregnant or breastfeeding ?

There aren’t any negative side effects from using our whitening products due to its non peroxide formula. However, for precautionary reasons we recommend consulting your Doctor first.

How can I pay?

We accept a number of payment methods PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, please check our website for further details

How long will it take once I have ordered?

Polished Whitening Ltd business operating hours are Monday to Friday.

We dispatch within 24 hours .

We use our delivery partner Hermes couriers , for deliveries in England please allow 2 – 3 working days , for Scotland and Northern Ireland please allow 3-5 days for delivery.

How much is delivery?

UK orders are £3.99